Lineable Smart Wristband for kids

Lineable Smart Wristband helps parents to Prevent kids from Going Missing, Parents knows that those moments are heartbreaking when they lost their children. Even if it is for a few minutes, no parents would want to feel such type of pain.

Lineable Smart Wristband for kids helps parents to avoid such type of accidents to be occur. Good thing about this wristband is that you don’t need to charge it daily basis.

Onces you purchase and use it lineable battery will remain for a whole year since you activate and start using it. Lineable approx weight is about 0.5 oz good thing about this wristband is that it is a water and dust resistant. It also has a Bluetooth 4.0 device.

Lineable Features

Child Away Alert

Lineable will alert you when one of your child cross the range and wanders away Lineable Bluetooth range is upto 20-30 meters.​​

Recent Location Check

Parents can check their child’s most recent location. If your child gets lost in mall, garden or anywhere, other Lineable App users available nearby can help you to find missing kids.

Lineable FAQ

1. Maximum Lineable Battery?

Lineable has infinite battery life once you purchase and start using it Lineable battery will last for 1 year.

2. How Many SmartPhones Are Able To Track Lineable?

As many phones within the range can track your kid through GPS. Lineable notify the location through bluetooth without pairing the device. However, Lineable allow you you to connect unlimited devices as you want.

3. Lineable Can Be Use WorldWide?

There are 3 types of Lineable devices able and 1 of them can be use worldwide.

4. Is Lineable WaterProof?

Yes lineable is waterproof  and specially meant for kids. Lineable works well in any conditions.

5. Lineable Available Sizes?

Lineable available in 3 different sizes….

Small: H: 0.7 inch T: 0.08~0.24 inch C: 5.5 inch

Medium: H: 0.7 inch T: 0.08~0.24 inch C: 6 inch

Large: H: 0.7 inch T: 0.08~0.24 inch C: 6.3 inch

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